30 January 2009

Birthday Boy!

Isn't he cute? Happy Birthday Daddio! You are finally as young as Mom :) You have always been the hip, fun, smart, and silly Dad on the block and you still are! (The picture is proof!) Age doesn't wither you one bit. You give everything you can to your wife and kids and hopefully one day we will be able to give it back to you in return. I love that you still love Disneyland and that you have more cologne then you can count! haha... You have been my coach, my fan, and my friend, but thank you for being my sweet Dad and for sharing all you have with me. You are one special man! I hope you enjoy the ridiculously expensive watch you got for your gift! :) You are worth it. Love you and Happy Birthday!

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Anonymous said...

That picture is so cute! Happy Birthday, Dad! :)