07 June 2017

For Buff

Happy Father's Day, Daddy! 

           When I was a little girl, I used to have long, blonde hair.  After washing it, I would go to my parent's room to find Dad waiting there with a brush in hand to smooth my curly locks. He never tired of it and always made sure I kept my hair long. 

           Fast-forward to elementary school: Dad was my basketball coach for our competition team. I was proud to show my friends how much he knew. I wanted to show him off. I was proud of him. I still remember some valuable lessons he taught, one of which is; "BEEF"- Balance, Eyes on Eyelet, Elbow Extension, and Follow Through.   

         As I started pursuing ballet and dance, Dad was always my biggest fan. He was always ready to have me perform for anyone and everyone. I remember dancing on our front lawn once, per his request of course, in front of the whole family.  He was always ready to come sit behind a camera for hours to capture moments that were surely dull and boring to him, but  he never showed it or complained. 

         As boys started entering the picture- Dad seemed cool and collected. He probably knew that the boys in my life were intimidated by him, and he no doubt took pride in that. He was a good Dad and always made the rules clear. I remember watching a movie downstairs with a boy I was sure to be in love with. Unannounced, Dad came waltzing into the family room and plopped down in the lazy boy. He didn't say a word, he just sat..and sat......and sat. We watched the entire movie that way. Me, my love interest, and Dad. I look back on that memory now and love it. I know Dad was doing his fatherly duty by protecting me, even when I didn't know I needed protecting. 

         Throughout my many adventures, Dad has always been supportive-even if it takes him a nudge and push to get there. Even if it's not what he would have chosen for me. When I decided to go work in Disney World, Dad was hesitant about it and thought it could be foolish to leave the good job I was at for something completely unknown and crazy. I knew I wanted to go, and once Dad saw that my mind was made up-he jumped on board completely. So much so that him and Mom even came out to visit me while I was there. They fed me, bought me groceries, and left my heart full.

         Dad makes friends easily. People naturally like him. He's easy to like. People who worked with him always tell me how much they respect him. His friends always say how much fun he is to be around. Once, while out to dinner in Disney Land, Mom and I went off to a nearby ride while Dad was content to wait for the dinner reservation to be ready. Mom and I came back to find Dad chatting with a young couple who were also waiting for dinner. I briefly met them before we were seated and didn't think anything else about it. After we were done eating, waiting for our check, Dad told our waiter to send that couple a dessert on him. The young couple were not only grateful, but so happy from Dad's surprise. They were beaming. They came over and thanked Dad for his generosity and we never saw them again. But I'll never forget that night. I again was proud of my Dad. Proud for the world to see his heart. Proud of the love he shared with complete strangers. He was mine. 

       Speaking of making friends easily, Dad makes friends with our Mailman. Who makes friends with the Mailman?? My Dad does. During the Holiday season, Dad gifts them either a turkey or ham, whichever they choose. Last year, Dad wanted to give it to the Mailman before Thanksgiving so he could enjoy it with his family. We realized that our mail had already been delivered, which meant we missed him and passed up the opportunity to give him the ham! Oh well... too bad, so sad.. more ham for us, right?! Wrong. We spent half an hour driving around the neighborhood stalking our poor Mailman. Just as we were about to give up, we spotted him! We drove up right next to him and Dad reached out to give him his Holiday ham. There it was again- the light in his eyes, the smile on his face,the love. All of this, from my Dad.

        Dad forgives. He has been wronged in many ways throughout his life, but he goes on. I know this fact on a personal level.  I spit fiery darts when I get upset and heated in the moment. Those fiery darts often lead to hurt feelings, but Dad forgives me. He chooses to love. 

       The list could go on for chapters at a time. For now, I hope the eyes that read this can get a small glimpse of the man my Father is. He is Buff, yes. A very appropriate nickname. Although he has muscles, I do not mean he is Buff as in strong.  He is that, yes. But he is Buff because he chooses to be all the things I described above and more. He has a Buff mind, a Buff spirit, and most importantly a Buff heart. 

 He is Buff, and he is mine....

and I love him.

Happy Father's Day, Daddy! 
Love, Tor

22 November 2012

Attitude of Gratitude

Grateful, Thankful, Appreciative, Obliged, Indebted....however you choose to say it, it's grateful season and I'm GRATEFUL for the opportunity to express it! Have I said the word grateful yet? My list of blessings is long, as I'm sure yours is, and there is much to be thankful for. I could go on for days and write several books {novels} based on my fortunate life.  Here is a small peak of what I'm grateful for today...and always! In no particular order: (Please forgive the randomness!)

Health and strength~ A warm bed to sleep in~ My family~Food in my tummy~ Chocolate~ Education~ Dancing~ Sunsets~ Snowflakes~ Babies~ Laughter~ My relationship with my parents~ My doggy dog~ Fall~ Music~ Cooking~ Good Friends~ Cold cereal~ Creme Brulee~ The opportunity to be an Aunt~ The Gospel!~ Wireless Internet~ Cell Phones{most of the time, ha!}~ Sleeping in~ Kisses on the forehead ~ HUGS~ Cuddling~ Can you tell what's on my mind? ;) ~ Holding hands~ Sledding~ Water skiing~ Boats~ Bald old men who can say anything they want and get away with it~ Modern medicine~ Flowers~ Care packages~ Neighbors who help shovel the driveway~ Summer nights~ Star Gazing~ Working out~ Nail polish~ Curly hair~ Pajamas~ Nightgowns~ Fuzzy socks~ Kind Samaritans~ People who let you over into the next lane~ The smell of freshly cut grass~ The smell of rain~ Kissing in the rain~ Vacations~ Color~ Pomegranates~ Did I say chocolate?~ Modern technology~ Traditions~ Dimples~ Tall men!~ My car~ Service~ Nauvoo~ Disney~ Experience gained from trials~ Smooth legs~ Knowledge of the plan of happiness~ Crazy Uncles~ Home videos~ Talents~ Freedom!!~ Clean water~ No shave November~ HOME~ Temples~ Scriptures~ Joseph Smith~ Santa Clause~ Hats~ Nature~ Animals~ Guys who are chivalrous~ Learning something new~ Honesty~ Sincerity~ Genuine compliments~ Thank you notes~ Hot chocolate~ Comb-overs~ Polka Dots~ Courageous people who stand up for what is right~ Faith~ Prayer~ Warmth of a fire~ Eskimo kisses~ Butterflies in my stomach~ Peace~ Random acts of love~ Surprises~ Acceptance of differences~ A clean house~ For choice~ Traveling~ Memories~ Love!~ The opportunity I have to find it one day~ People who trim their nose hairs~ Electricity~ My Savior, who lived and died for us, who loves us more than anyone, and who knows EXACTLY what we are going through...How can we not be grateful?

I'm grateful for this day and to spend it in good company with the people that I love and cherish!

Happy Turkey Day friends! 


08 September 2012

The Whole Fam Damily!

 We recently had family pictures taken and even though these are the unedited versions, I still wanted to share. I'd say they turned out pretty good considering our gigantic family! No one will ever know how much I love these people... they are my everything! I'm one lucky girl.

Say cheese!

05 September 2012

CC PART 2! Hollywood Glam....

For the little misses we did a Hollywood Glam night. We got all done up for the night, went to dinner at a fancy "restaurant",made individual masks for the party, then "flew" to a Hollywood Movie Premier :) The girls night is always a little easier for me because not only are there fewer of them... it's a little more up my alley! They were so much fun and sweethearts all night long. I cherish these moments with them! 
Let's roll the film...


Our homemade restaurant!

Gettin' all dolled up.....

 Craft time!

 The Red Carpet :)

Strike a Pose!

Love these little ladies :)


That's all folks! :)

01 September 2012

Cuzzy Camp-Boys only!

 I love that all my posts revolve around my darling nieces and nephews.... I wouldn't have it any other way to be perfectly honest. I love my relationship with them and I love watching them grow up and develop their cute personalities.  

We had the third annual Cousin Camp as usual, and this year was a treat because we were able to have not only Steven and Cold attend, but ALL the Walker boys were able to make it for the first time ever! 
All ma' boys finally together at last :)

We had a camping theme this year. We enjoyed a yummy s'mores buffet, sleeping bag races, watermelon eating contests, swimming, a projected movie in the trees, and full out camping in tents (thanks and holla to Kris and Stevie). 

It was a blast (at least for me!) and something I highly recommend if you have little ones running around :) 

Enjoy the fun pics of these studly brethren......

 What's camping without a good, hearty, BBQ?

 Thank you Pinterest for these clever ideas.....

 Sleeping Bag races...too fun!

Watermelon eating machines!

One of the "suites" for the night

Here they all are!

Watchin' "R.V" out on the trampoline. Heaven! 

The End! :)