01 July 2009

Cousin Camp: Part II :)

Question: What do you get when you take 6 energetic boys, add a paper airplane contest, minus parents, and multiply the number of sodas drunk during the night by 10!?

There are two possible answers.... 1) A boys night only, full of fun and craziness! And 2) One frazzled Aunt! Either answer will suffice :)

I finally got around to having my nephews over for their very own Cousin's Camp. Even though we got rained out, we were still able to have fun. Our night consisted of pizza, games, an obstacle course, a paper airplane contest, dancing with glow sticks in the dark, watching the one and only "Nacho Libre", and finally, sleeping out on the tramp. (For half the night at least!) haha :)
My nephews are growing up so fast it's insane, so I have to take advantage while I can! They are all going to be little heart breakers and I love each one of them! I missed you Walker boys-you're coming next time for sure! Thanks for partying with me Steven, Cole, Garrett, Dylan, Hayden, and Tage! Stop growing up! :)


C and MC said...

You are such a cool Aunt. It was great to see you at Lindsay's reception.

Janaye said...

Sounds like such fun. How do you make those cute picture collages? I have been looking to be able to do that for ages.