27 August 2009

Ecuador Pics!

Here are some pictures from Ecuador! Warning: there are a lot of them! :)


Our new found friends! Bergen and Madi... classic jumping picture of course!

Isn't he a doll?

Sweet baby Emily


Santi... such a charmer!

A waterfall we hiked up to in the Andes

Sweet girls from HML

The Guayaquil Temple

Ramon and the flower I picked for him :)



My new BFF's

Juanito and Antonio

Larva ( yes, we ate it!)

I love this picture of Brynn, see the butterfly?

A spider in the Amazon!

Monkey! :)

Paul and Victor... they were inseparable

Christian :)

Little Dylan

This cute lady wanted me to paint her nails like that, I promise

Brynn and I looking oh so glamorous


Love those kiddos!


Reba said...

You seriously ate that larva? You're joking right? Such adorable kids... thanks for sharing your pics. You rock my friend!

Jessie and Garan said...

AHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh!!!! I can't believe you were just with them. I remember Paul, Victor, Brian, Martin. And the Amazon and the hike! Amazing!!!! Do you have more pictures? I promise Tori... you'll never be the same! Seriously, the best 3 months of my life! Sigh.