12 January 2011

New Year's and More!

My sister Jenny and her family came into town for New Year's so we partied hard! :) We started with visiting our grandparents on both sides. We were missing some of the fam, but it was still fun to get together and listen to fun stories and have a good time. I've got some amazing grandparents!

The gang at Grandpa and Grandma Jensen's

At Grandpa Brownings....

Jen made it just in time to meet Baby Jono!

My sister Jackie planned a girls day out for us to go see this.....

My new FAVORITE!! Yes, I have seen it 3 times already! LOVE it! :)

Party at Crown Burger!

I love this picture of Audrey and my Dad... she's gotta check out that beard!

New Year's Eve- Jerika and Grandma staying up late!

Little Audrey sporting her "New Year's Hat" :)

We had a great time and miss the Walkers :( Hopefully they are staying warm in Idaho! Hope everyone had a great New Year's and that you haven't broken your resolutions just yet! ;)

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Chris and Brooklyn said...

I love your hair! And you do have the best grandparents ever! That picture of Audrey and your dad is pecious, she is a beautiful baby! love you, miss you