14 March 2012

25 Big Ones....

Well, it's official, I am 1/4 of a century old! I'll be signing autographs later.... but for now, let me tell you about the incredible start to this new year of my life!

I woke up to my mom, sister, and cute nieces singing happy birthday to me in bed and welcoming me with tiramisu cupcakes.... which, can you say yum with a capital Y!?

They dragged(drug?) me out of the house in my pajamas, slippers, and all my no make-up, granola glory.... so basically, I'm just sayin' that I looked pretty awesome!

We went to Granny Annie's for breakfast where all the women in my family were waiting with their kiddos to surprise me :) My sneaky little mom... she's a cute one she is!

We ate and enjoyed breakfast together and they had 25 balloons for me, all of which had a note attached to it from my nieces and nephews, and also my sisters/sister in-laws. It was priceless.

How sweet is my family?? I will ALWAYS keep those notes near and dear to my heart. Talk about a way to make someone feel loved!

Then the day proceeded with Momma J and I doing some shopping of course, a delicious dinner at Ruth's Chris that my Dad spoiled me with, and an awesome concert with my friends down in Provo! Not to mention a Birthday-Eve gift consisting of dessert at melting pot and a gorgeous downtown carriage ride!

Pretty much to sum it up.... I am one very, very lucky girl who had a wonderful birthday thanks to amazing family and friends who I love so much!

The gang at breakfast

The chillins spanking their old Aunt, courtesy of Aunt Jackie :)

The best gift I got, those sweet notes!

At Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.... I was able to have a joint celebration with my grandparents who celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary!
They are amazing!

(Blurry camera picture)

THANK YOU so much to a loving family and great friends who went out of their way to make my birthday special! It was perfect! I know that whatever happens this year, it will be a good one :)


Kayli said...

Happy Belated birthday!!!

The Jensens said...

I'm glad your birthday turned out so great. We sure do love our Aunt Tor-Tor!!

Hale-O There said...

Happy belated bday... can i take you to lunch? Xo

Kate said...

Happy birthday, Tor!! This story made me so happy! I love that they surprised you with singing & cupakes in bed and then the party just kept going and going. The best! Love you, my dear. And I'd love your autograph.:) When can I come get it?

HIL and ERIK said...

Happy (belated) Birthday!!! It looks like your family made your day fun and special! I can't believe we're 25! Doesn't seem that long ago we were playing cooking shows and dressing up our American girls! :) Glad you had a good one! BTW, I LOVE your hair!