01 September 2012

Cuzzy Camp-Boys only!

 I love that all my posts revolve around my darling nieces and nephews.... I wouldn't have it any other way to be perfectly honest. I love my relationship with them and I love watching them grow up and develop their cute personalities.  

We had the third annual Cousin Camp as usual, and this year was a treat because we were able to have not only Steven and Cold attend, but ALL the Walker boys were able to make it for the first time ever! 
All ma' boys finally together at last :)

We had a camping theme this year. We enjoyed a yummy s'mores buffet, sleeping bag races, watermelon eating contests, swimming, a projected movie in the trees, and full out camping in tents (thanks and holla to Kris and Stevie). 

It was a blast (at least for me!) and something I highly recommend if you have little ones running around :) 

Enjoy the fun pics of these studly brethren......

 What's camping without a good, hearty, BBQ?

 Thank you Pinterest for these clever ideas.....

 Sleeping Bag races...too fun!

Watermelon eating machines!

One of the "suites" for the night

Here they all are!

Watchin' "R.V" out on the trampoline. Heaven! 

The End! :)


Haylie said...

You are the best aunt ever!!!

Allison said...

This looks like too much fun....can I come next year!