22 November 2012

Attitude of Gratitude

Grateful, Thankful, Appreciative, Obliged, Indebted....however you choose to say it, it's grateful season and I'm GRATEFUL for the opportunity to express it! Have I said the word grateful yet? My list of blessings is long, as I'm sure yours is, and there is much to be thankful for. I could go on for days and write several books {novels} based on my fortunate life.  Here is a small peak of what I'm grateful for today...and always! In no particular order: (Please forgive the randomness!)

Health and strength~ A warm bed to sleep in~ My family~Food in my tummy~ Chocolate~ Education~ Dancing~ Sunsets~ Snowflakes~ Babies~ Laughter~ My relationship with my parents~ My doggy dog~ Fall~ Music~ Cooking~ Good Friends~ Cold cereal~ Creme Brulee~ The opportunity to be an Aunt~ The Gospel!~ Wireless Internet~ Cell Phones{most of the time, ha!}~ Sleeping in~ Kisses on the forehead ~ HUGS~ Cuddling~ Can you tell what's on my mind? ;) ~ Holding hands~ Sledding~ Water skiing~ Boats~ Bald old men who can say anything they want and get away with it~ Modern medicine~ Flowers~ Care packages~ Neighbors who help shovel the driveway~ Summer nights~ Star Gazing~ Working out~ Nail polish~ Curly hair~ Pajamas~ Nightgowns~ Fuzzy socks~ Kind Samaritans~ People who let you over into the next lane~ The smell of freshly cut grass~ The smell of rain~ Kissing in the rain~ Vacations~ Color~ Pomegranates~ Did I say chocolate?~ Modern technology~ Traditions~ Dimples~ Tall men!~ My car~ Service~ Nauvoo~ Disney~ Experience gained from trials~ Smooth legs~ Knowledge of the plan of happiness~ Crazy Uncles~ Home videos~ Talents~ Freedom!!~ Clean water~ No shave November~ HOME~ Temples~ Scriptures~ Joseph Smith~ Santa Clause~ Hats~ Nature~ Animals~ Guys who are chivalrous~ Learning something new~ Honesty~ Sincerity~ Genuine compliments~ Thank you notes~ Hot chocolate~ Comb-overs~ Polka Dots~ Courageous people who stand up for what is right~ Faith~ Prayer~ Warmth of a fire~ Eskimo kisses~ Butterflies in my stomach~ Peace~ Random acts of love~ Surprises~ Acceptance of differences~ A clean house~ For choice~ Traveling~ Memories~ Love!~ The opportunity I have to find it one day~ People who trim their nose hairs~ Electricity~ My Savior, who lived and died for us, who loves us more than anyone, and who knows EXACTLY what we are going through...How can we not be grateful?

I'm grateful for this day and to spend it in good company with the people that I love and cherish!

Happy Turkey Day friends! 



jackie sherman said...
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jackie sherman said...

Im sure you just forgot to add that you are grateful to have such an awesome sister :)
and Im sure you will be adding elevator rides to your list :D
Love ya