05 November 2008

Welcome Home!

For those of you who know my parents know that they are travel MANIACS! They love to see the world and learn about new cultures and people... that's something I love and admire about them. Anyways, they just got back from about a three week trip to Australia and New Zealand and boy am I glad to have them back! They honestly have a new trip planned every other month it seems like, so in order to keep them home longer I have constructed the following:


Steven Blaine Jensen and Carol Jean Jensen are hereby sentenced to 3 full months of staying at their allotted home, located at 1096 E. Terms and conditions include the following:

- No destinations over 50 miles (this sadly includes St. George)

-No PLANNING future destinations until after Dec. 08'

-Absolutely NO thinking, talking, or breathing about future destinations!

-If a destination is to take place, participants may not leave
without permission of Tori

-If planning a destination, please consider taking Tori with
you :)

-If a destination occurs and participants are to be gone over a
long period of time, please arrange for Tori to have company.

Let it be known that after the signing of this contract, all terms and conditions apply starting immediately! This is not to apply guilt, but rather to let Steve and Carol know that they are missed and loved! Please sign below if in agreement of contract. Thank you for your participation and WELCOME HOME!!!

_______________________ _______________________
Steven B. Jensen Carol J.Jensen

Welcome home Mom and Dad! :) Love you!


Nikki & Hal said...

Please tell me they signed it? haha I love that!

Tori said...

Oh you know I made them! This ain't no joke! haha :)

Kara Miller said...

You are so cute!!! I love it :) I'm the same way, I HATE being left alone!

The Robinett's said...

Ha ha girlfriend I love you

Chris & Brooklyn said...

ha ha you are so funny! I could use a good, relaxing vacation myself! Maybe just locking myself in my room would do! I hope you can come on Tuesday, I think they just sent out the invites today

Ju and Brack said...

Ha Ha! You are hilarious! Gotta love Steve and Carol though. Good job on putting your foot down :)

Jons and Celeste Leigh said...

You're so cute! I love this. Hey next time your parents leave town maybe we should take a girls trip and get to know each other better! Jon is always telling me to take a girls trip!

Scott & Rach said...