31 January 2011

DAY 1: Your Hopes, Dreams, and Plans for the Next 365 Days

A year can be a long time, but it is such a short time in the scheme of things! Last year, with 2 surgeries in the mix of things, I felt like 2010 just passed me right on by! I want to make up for it by doing a lot this year! I guess I can let you in on some of my planny plan plans. Here are a few of them....

* Start Violin Lessons back up

* Go back to school

*Take a cooking class

*Register for a dance class

*Participate in another Triathlon...but a bigger one this time!

*Bring Cousin Camp back for my nieces and nephews!

*Go to the Temple more

*I would love to get certified to teach Aerobics!

*Read a book a month

*Start a Journal

There ya go...I obviously have more hopes in store for this year, but they are just a wee-bit personal for all ya'll! So we'll just cross those bridges when we get there! ;) Happy blogging and see you tomorrow for day 2!

1 comment:

Chris and Brooklyn said...

Before I read the bottom paragraph, I was getting upset. I hope your personal dreams come true! I love you