01 February 2011

Day 2: What Would Be Found In Your Purse?

The name's Poppins.... Mary Poppins. Yep, it's true. Are you missing your dog? It might just be roaming around in my purse! I carry everything in my handy tote and I hate those tiny, polly pocket purses. I secretly find it rewarding when someone asks for something, and I conveniently have it in my purse....yesssss! Here is a running list of the things currently floating around in there (lots of lists around here lately). Oh well :)
Here we go:

-Mouth Wash
-Hand Sanitizer
-Contact Holder
-Lip Gloss Galore
-Hair Spray
-Bobby Pins

Phew! A bit sad now that I realize how much junk I lug around everyday! Maybe it's time for a little clean out-I'll let you know if I find your dog....

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