05 February 2011

Day 6: A Funny (and true) Story

Disclaimer: This is probably one of my most embarrassing moments to date.....

A group of us all got together and decided to play the game cranium. We divided into teams and started playing. All was fine and dandy until I drew a card that gave me the name of someone I had to impersonate....no big deal, I thought, this was going to be an easy point. All I had to do was get my teammate to guess the name on the card.

I dug deep down inside and tried my hardest to be the best Richard Simmons I knew how. "Tighten those buns!", "Lets go for a skip!", "You can do it!"

After about thirty seconds of this, I knew something was wrong. The other team (who had peeked at the name on my card) was giving me the most puzzled looks ever. Then they suddenly burst out with laughter. Right after that, my partner yelled out "Richard Simmons!" I was so excited that she got it right, until I realized that the name she yelled out and the name on my card were NOT the same....what??

Who was it I was supposed to pose as???

Richard NIXON!

.... Sorry Mr. President :) ....


Camisetta said...

Holy cow!! This is hilarious!

Hale-O There said...

wish I was there for that

Kate said...

Ha ha ha!!! Thanks for making me laugh at 8:47 in the morning. I LOVE you, Tori!:)