26 March 2011


All I can say is that we were Disney Die-Hards! We got to the park around 10 a.m. and didn't leave until 12:00 a.m! Now that's what I call dedication, baby! (Plus I had to make it worth the Benjamin Franklin I spent to get in!) It was so much fun, and even though they were doing construction in the park, it was still magical :)

Our Pre-Park Photo (Try saying that ten times fast!)

Our gigantic ice-cream cones! As big as my head....seriously!

The secretive Club 33! Shhh...

Two of my favorite rides....
(We waited for-ev-er to ride Peter Pan-so worth it though!)

It's a Bug's Life show...we're sexy, we know.

Pluto my love


Hilarious, but true. Halfway through the day, both of us were seriously limping from pain because our shoes were giving us blisters. Not my idea of fun. I wasn't about to walk around barefoot and risk getting kicked out of the park, so we decided to switch our shoes. Heaven sent idea! I felt like I was walking around on clouds and was ready to take on more lines! And luckily, both pairs matched what we were wearing. Thanks for having big feet like me Linds! :)



Main Street is probably my favorite part of Disneyland. I Love!

Thank you Disney! I promise to come better prepared with tennis shoes next time ;)

Ta-ta for now!


Kara Miller said...

You guys are killing me with your switching-of-shoes! Too funny :) I want to blow up that picture of you two at A Bug's Life...it needs to be huge and on a wall! I'm so jealous I missed out on a Disneyland day!!

Chris and Brooklyn said...

Ahh, I love Disneyland! So jealous! And walking shoes are a must, no matter how silly they look!