31 March 2011

Day 3: Shopping & Balboa Island

We had planned to go to the beach, but the weather was a bit chilly, so we decided to go shopping instead. A great compromise if you ask me :)

Dear Utah, could you please make some installments of Trader Joe's? I would really love it if you did. Not only do they have super awesome and delicious food, it's dirt cheap too. And while you're at it, why not throw in an H & M as well?! It would be very appreciated by more than just me, I'm sure. Deal? Great, thanks :)

We also stopped by Sephora, where Lindsay had a makeover done by her new Sugar Daddy friend ;)

Then later that night we went to Balboa Island. It was like a scene out of Pleasantville. Cute little shops and houses, and it's an island so it's on the waterfront. I loved it. And we stopped at "Dad's Original Frozen Banana Shop" where they are famous for their frozen bananas and balboa bars. Yumm-O!

I got an Oreo covered frozen banana, and Linds got a cluster crunch balboa bar...check out those beauties!

This is my dream ride. I have wanted one for years now, and I am seriously considering getting one. A little motor cruisin' never hurt anyone!

That's all for day 3. Stay tuned for day 4! :)


Marissa And Jesse said...

I am so with you on the H & M! as well as many other woman!

Hale-O There said...

You're killing me with that frozen banana, sounds sooo good!
Glad you're having a great time.