05 August 2011

Cousin Camp: Boys

I finally got around to the annual "Cousin Camp" this year! I'm glad that I was able to find time to do it and spend some time with these handsome kiddos!

I decided to do the boys first this year, because the girls were first last year. We had Steven here for a couple of weeks, then he left and Cole flew in. So while Steven was here, we went and got the perfect summer treat; snow cones! Then we went and the boys were able to run around and play for a while at that new awesome park off 2nd North. Love it!

Gettin' ready to head out!

One at a time!
(...don't worry, I gave that poor girl a generous tip!)


When Cole got into town, we then headed over to Gailey park and had a water balloon fight! I forgot how hard those little buggars were to tie! Sheesh! All that work and it's gone in an instance...but well worth it in this case :) After we had our water war, we came back to Grandpa and Grandma Jensen's for a sleepover-complete with a homemade fort, homemade popcorn, and all the lovely noises and smells that make boys BOYS! We even had an arm wrestling competition, and I was shocked at how strong those little guys are! They gave me a run for my money!

Luckily, my mom and Garrett helped tie them!

Eating pizza, fueling up for the water fight!

The balloons were seriously gone in 3 minutes... :)

Our fort....
Impressive, eh eh?

Watching Nacho Libre... their movie of choice

Thanks boys for partying with your old Aunt ;) I had a blast and can't wait for next year when we can do it again. We missed you Walker boys!! One of these years, I'll get you here!
Love you all!

Tor Tor

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Kristina said...

Tori, Thanks for the fabulous time! The boys had such a good time at cousin's camp, they're already talking about next years!!!
Love ya, Kris.