10 August 2011

Princess Party

One of my former co-workers Mandy has a little girl who wanted a Princess Party for her birthday...so in her crazy thinking, Mandy asked me if I would come and play Princess for a day! Hesitantly, I said yes. I'm so glad I did! Who wouldn't want to get all "fancified" (yes, that is a made up word) and play dress up with some cute little girls? All in favor say "I".

Her husband Jason played the Prince(at her daughters request). Needless to say, he is 5`8 and I am just shy of 5`10...but he drank some growing potion and I ate a shrinking cookie that we borrowed from Alice in Wonderland and called it good.

All in all, an old high school prom dress, a rented crown, and some ruby red lipstick turned into a perfect costume getup.

Enjoy the pics and may all your dreams come true!

1 comment:

Whitney and Alex said...

Seriously Tori, I don't know what you're doing for your day job - but quit it! You're meant to be a Princess.