11 December 2011

I'm Alive!

Contrary to popular belief, I am alive! :) With school finishing up and dancing coming to a close, I finally have a little time to update the good ole' blog! Wow... where to begin? I've almost forgot how to do this! haha How about a picture storyline?? Shall we?

Let's begin...

I ran the Las Vegas RAGNAR! I was asked last minute to do it, and was completely unprepared, but it was an experience of a lifetime and so much fun! Our team did really well and we were able to party on the strip afterward. Definitely a must for next year!

Tommy and Kelsey welcomed darling baby Everett (Rett) in October. He is such a handsome boy and so happy!! He is a great baby and I can't get enough of him! Mmmm!

My sister Jackie planned a breakfast date with the witches at Gardner Village. If you've never been to this before, it is a hoot! So much fun! My nieces loved it and you can stroll around the shops afterward and see all the cute Halloween decorations. Too fun!

I spent Halloween with Little Bo Peep.... a.k.a little Maya :) It's so nice having them relocated to West Kaysville! The closer the better!

Kris and Shaun also moved to Layton! Hurray for being closer :) 'Tis the season to move!

And who could forget our traditional Thanksgiving movie! This year we were treated to "Breaking Dawn". What?? I didn't mean to cover her face up, really! .... Well maybe just a little :D

Lots more to come.... sorry for the absence! Thanks for checking in and Happy Holidays!!


Marissa And Jesse said...

what!? is this for real? you blogged. I thought you for sure gave up on the whole blogging thing. but I sure am happy you did not. and I have not seen you for too long. maybe jensen christmas party?? I would like to have a good chat soon with you! :)

HIL and ERIK said...

Can I just say I LOVE your hair?! Lucky ducky to have that curly hair. Anyway Happy Holidays!!! - Hilary (Garfield) Carlson :)